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All Australians are invited to participate in the process by rating and commenting on existing ideas or suggesting new ones.

AIM was not established to shove opinions down your throat. A critical part of AIM’s strategy is to enable  Australians to participate in and even influence every step in this process by engaging with the fellow Australians to create and develop the best ideas. This is where the “I Imagine” crowdsourcing platform comes in. It allows people to post a “problem” and ask the community to suggest “solutions” then the community can rate them, comment on them or suggest better solutions.

If we take the Australian flag as an example, any and all Australians are invited to:

  • see current flag suggestions
  • comment on the current suggestions
  • rate the current suggestions on a scale of 1-10
  • suggest better flags (and allow the community to rate and comment on them)
  • request expert status and contribute expert opinion
  • convey their vote to an expert

The net result is that anyone that wants to be involved can be involved at level. You can can take a few seconds to rate a solution, take the time to develop a detailed alternative solution or anything in between. Then, over time, the best suggestions eventually bubble to the top.

As the process moves through each stage we will be encouraging independent polling organizations to conduct scientific polls to verify that the ratings in the iimagine platform are reasonably accurate. This allows us to work through a process where all ideas from all Australians can be put on the table for consideration and debate, allow the best ideas to be identified and independently polled then proceed to a referendum with a high degree of confidence that best ideas will receive a “yes” vote on 1-2-2020.

The early part of the timeline suggested by AIM includes a period for the free flow of ideas about each of the 5 points that we want to address in the 2020 referendum. We strongly encourage you to get involved – even if it just involves taking 30 seconds to rate some ideas.

It’s also okay to make this process fun. If you see a silly idea, feel free to share it on social media or maybe even contribute your own silly idea. These are serious issues and we all enjoy comic relief – just keep it respectful.

AIM founder, Adam Radly, has provided some suggested solutions in order to get process started. As mentioned above, these are just ideas that can be improved or replaced with better ideas by the community.


Australia Day is “Invasion Day” and should be replaced with a day that unites us

Australia is not an independent country or real democracy

The Australian constitution allows the government to discriminate based on race

Australia’s flag doesn’t represent or unify all Australians

The Australian constitution doesn’t recognize the first Australians