Press Release, March 22, 2017

Australian Independence Movement (“AIM”) Established & Proposes A Historic Referendum

AIM is proposing a historic “Australian Independence Referendum” (“AIR”) for the 1st of February, 2020 in order to concurrently address several related issues that are causing growing division within Australia.

The referendum will seek to:

  1. Make Australia an independent republic with an Australian head of state
  2. Change the date of Australia Day
  3. Adopt and “Australian” flag
  4. Remove racism from the Australian constitution
  5. Recognise indigenous Australians as the first Australians in the constitution

Any referendum question receiving a majority “yes” vote would pass regardless of the result for any other referendum question.

AIM2020 founder, Adam Radly said, “A foreigner has the power to overturn the results of our “democratic” elections, Australia Day has been permanently rebranded as “invasion day”, our flag does not unify us and our constitution allows the government to discriminate based on race and was written as if indigenous Australians never existed. There’s no way that I’m the only Australian that thinks this totally unacceptable.”

AIM has proposed a sequence of events that includes a period of time for all Australians to participate in the process by suggesting and commenting on specific solutions for each of the referendum questions by using a crowdsourcing platform. AIM2020 founder, Adam Radly, has kickstarted the process by offering his own proposed solutions. For example he proposes that:

  1. Australia can become a republic by simply making the Prime Minister the head of state and all power and responsibilities held by the Monarchy can be abolished or assigned to parliament. This means that there would be no requirement to make significant changes to the current political system. Prime Minister technically means “head of government” so the title could be changed to President but it’s just a title and wouldn’t involve adding or subtracting any power or authority.
  1. Australia Day should be changed to February 1 and renamed Independence Day (marking the anniversary of the proposed Australian Independence Referendum). This allows indigenous Australians to set aside January 26 as a day of mourning and allows all Australians to hold an uninhibited and unified celebration about everything that is great about Australia on February 1.
  1. The Australian flag should be green and gold with “Uluru Red”. When national pride is at stake on the international stage, Australians wear Green and Gold – the “real” Australian colours. Gold and red are two out of the three colours in the aborigonal flag. At least one of green, gold or red are in the flags of 40 of the top 41 countries from which people emigrate to Australia – these are the colours that unite us.

The detailed information about what, why, how, a timeline and more detail can be found in on the website.

Mr Radly said, “This will be a once in a generation opportunity for Australians to “tie up several cultural loose ends” by addressing these related issues in one historic referendum. We owe it future generations of Australians to get this done.”

AIM2020 will launch in a one hour event held on the main stage of Federation Square in Melbourne on the 28th of March.

More information:

Media contact: Adam Radly.